Computer & Network Applications

SCADA2APEX Controls uses many computer applications to develop high-level programs for projects. Whether the customer needs to implement a packaged SCADA system or requires a customized software solution, APEX Controls is capable of meeting the customer’s need. APEX Controls has experience in the successful implementation of several Microsoft® Visual Basic applications in various areas including scheduling, part data tracking, custom communication interfaces and barcode printing and scanning. We also have extensive experience in implementing network architectures including managed Ethernet switches.

APEX Controls is experienced in writing programs for a wide variety of projects using various computer applications and environments, including:

  • Rockwell Software®
  • Custom Software with Microsoft® Visual Basic®, C# and C / C++
  • Microsoft® Operating Systems and Servers
  • Database Applications (Including: Microsoft® SQL Server, Microsoft® Access® and Oracle®)
  • Microsoft Office® Integration
  • Many SCADA packages
  • Various networks

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